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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Shang Dynasty 1766 BCE - 1027 BCE Agriculture Religion Metals Writings Agriculture was the main part of the Shang Dynasty. The primary crops that were grown were millet, wheat, and barley. Animals such as pigs, dogs, sheep, or oxen were raised to help the citizens grow these crops by pulling machines for example. The Shang Dynasty was part of the Bronze Age. During the Bronze Age, there were many different weapons, ships, tools, and items made out of metal. Some examples would be an axe scepter, a ceremonial dagger, a shang urn, and a ritual wine vessel. The religion of the Shang Dynasty was circled around ancestor worship and the worship of many gods. The main god and the most popular god was Shang Ti, which means the Lord on High. There are different types of Chinese writings. In the Shang Dynasty, there were written symbols on bones, also known as oracle bones. But, that wasn't the only writing in the Shang Dynasty. Chinese writings evolved during the Shang Dynasty, from pictographs to semantic-phonetics. The Shang Dynasty was the first to unite and become one under one king. The fall of the Shang Dynasty was not because the citizens rebelled against the king, but because a king from a rivaling kingdom did not like him and decided to kill him. People started using horse drawn chariots with spoked wheels. The Shang Dynasty were conquered by the Zhou Dynasty, after lasting 700 years.
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