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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Seven Virtues Of Bushido Yuuki Jin Chuugi Meiyo Makoto Rei Gi "To die when it isright to die,to strike when it isright to strike." Right action, duty Benevolance Politeness or Morality Truthfulness Honor Loyalty Courage It is true courage tolive when it is right tolive, and to die onlywhen it is right to die. A samurai wasobliged to appeal tothe intelligence andconscience of hissovereign bydemonstrating thesincerity of hiswords with theshedding ofhis own blood." Dishonor is like ascar on a tree whichtime, instead ofeffacing only helpsto enlarge. Propriety carriedbeyond boundsbecomes a lie." In its highest formpolitenessapproacheslove. Benevolence bringsunder its sway whateverhinder its power just as watersubdues fire. This connectsto my lifebecause I needto honor myelders becauseif I don't thenthat isdisrespectful. I am alwaystruthfulbecause oneway oranother thetruth willcome outand it isbetter for itto come out sooneror later. I use thisbecause itis respectfulto the elderswhen youshow politeness. It is importantto do thingsthat you maynot want to dobecause it canstop a conflict. I have to dothings thatmay be risk-taking but good indifferent ways. It is important to do hat is right because it might be thebest for the restof the people. I need to be loyalto people becauseyou never know howthey can be.
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