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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Average Concert Ticket Costs In The US By Jessica Mould, Rachel Buchanan & Gabriella Cuba Music Facts The Secrets Behind The Tunes Calvin Harris $66 Million David Guetta Tiesto $28 Million Avicii $28 Million Steve Aoki $23 Million Afrojack $22 Million Kaskade Zedd $21 Million Deadmau 5 $17 Million The Top Ten Highest Paid DJs In The World In 2014 The average concert ticket cost $48.63 in 2001 In 2014 each ticket cost around $67.86 The live music sector employed 21,600 people in 2012. It is said that most people listen to an average of 25 songs per day 3 in 10 people have downloadedor streamed music in the UK. The UK music industry is the biggest in Europe. Most Popular Music Genres 7% in2010 9% in 2011 15% in 2012 21%in 2013 Favourite Music Genres Of 2013 Blues2.479% Reggae1.653% Religious9.091% Rock26.45% World3.306% Rap0.8264% Pop19.01% Jazz3.306% Hip Hop2.479% Folk2.479% Ethnic0.82464% Country18.18% Classical 7.438% (from 2010 - 2013) Music therapy is searched 33,000 times a month on google. $30 Million Skrillex $17 Million $16 Million Proportion Of Total Music Industry Revenues From Streaming In the US $15 billion dollars were made in the music industry:51% from physical format sales.39% from digital revenues, 7% from performance rights2% from syncronisation revenues.There are over 7480 businesses in the UK music industry. 8% of these employ fewer than five people.The UK is the worlds third biggest music market after Japan and the US. At concerts 32% send facebook updates of tweets from the show. 53% use a smartphone astheir primary camera and 47% of ticket buyers text/email friends during the show.The music industry generates £3.8 billion pounds in UK economy.The live music sector employed 21,600 people in 2012. Heavy Metal 2.479%
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