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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE SALWEN FAMILY:DOING GOOD, WITH THE POWER OF HALF The family is made up of four people, (in picture left to right)Kevin (dad), Hannah (daughter), Joe (son), and Joan (mom). HOW THEY STARTED: Hannah Salwen, at the age of 14, realized that her family was able to afford a lot more than other people. She thought it wasn't fair and the other people should be able to have more. She decided it wouldbe a good idea to sell their house, so someone else could have more. This may sound crazy at first, but the family really did sell their house like Hannah suggested. They sold their mansion located in Atlanta, to move into a house with half the value. The family took a vote and decided to invest their money in a way to help change the world. Half the money they earned from selling the house was to be used for charity.They decided to donate the extra money to the Hunger Project and its efforts to help in poverty in Ghana. The family was even able to visit Ghana and experience first hand how they are helping. The Salwens visiting Ghana with the Hunger Project.(Left to right) Joe, Joan, Hannah, and Kevin THE HUNGER PROJECT: The Hunger Project was created to help people come out of poverty and create a better living. When the Salwens visited they noticed that the group had limited hands on help and believed the Ghanians could learn themselves. The family was told to empower the Ghanians rather than help make churches or schools. The Hunger Projecthelps people to build their own futures rather than handing them out. WHAT THEY DID: By: Alexandra Kouma 2B
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