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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Romans "The horse chariot racing" entertainment <---- Before and after----> This is a horse track racing today, and as you can see it is similar to the one before, because, no.1people are cheering for there person or maybe team. No.2 the race is used with horses, No.3 the track is very similar because it is large oval shape and there is a audience. This is the circus Maximusand on this track peopleused horses and didraces on them, and people cheered on to them. It is shaped as a large oval and there are teams and a lage cheering audience. The horse "chariot racing" of ancient "ROME" The Horse chariot racing was Romes most popular entertainment of all time, it even beat the entertainment of the gladiator battles. The people riding the horses were normally slaves and prisoners, but some times there were even people from Rome who volunteer for participating in the races. The reason why people are also participating to slaves and prisoners races that might even cause death; the reason is that if you win a race you will get lots of money and if you were a prisoner or slave, you could also probably get you freedom. The reason why people could have the chance of dying or getting very injured in/during the races is because this game has very very little rules, for example you can whip one another and you can destroy your 11 other opponents chariot's (because there were 12 teams in total), or you can even kill each other like by throwing the other players off there chariots. The roman crowd just loved to see this kind of action and people will cheer for there team or even a celebrity kind that is racing for there lives in the stadium to win and even become famous in the CIRUS MAXIMUMS”!
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