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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Roman Republic Rome's Goverment double click to change this header text! Rome's Republic was shaped was shaped by a struggle between wealthy landowners and regular citizens as it gradually expanded the right to vote. Early Romans were divided into two classes , Partricians and Plebeians. The Patricians were wealthy landowners . These nobles made up Rome's people , however, were Plebeians. This group consisted of artisans , shopkeepers , and owners of small farms . Both Patrican and Plebeians men were Roman citizens . They had the right to vote and the duty to pay taxes and serve in the army. However, Plebeians had less social statues. They could not marry Patricans and could not hold public office. Roman Law The Roman Republic's legal system was based on the rule of law. One of Rome's major gifts to the world was in system of law. The legal system of the of the united states owes much to the Twelve Tablets, adopted about 451B.C. Before this time , Rome's laws were not written down. As a result, Plebeians claimed that Patrician judges often favored their own class. They demanded that the laws be put writing for everyone to see. The First Punic War . Both carthage and Rome wanted to control the Island of sicily. In 264 B.C is called the First Punic war. . The war started when the Roman's sent an army to sicily to prevent Carthaginian take over. . The Carthaginians, who already had colonies on the Island
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