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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Road to World War I The Road to World War I double click to change this header text! Germany made an alliance with Austria-Hungaryand The Ottoman Empire.Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary wasassassinated by a Serbian nationalist in June 1914for supporting. The man who assassinated the Archdukewas Gavrilo Princip. He assassinated the archduke and his wife because he wanted to break off Austria-Hungary'scontrol over the South Slav providences so that they could becombined into Yugoslavia. The assassination of the archduke gave Austria-Hungary the excuse to eliminate what theycalled, "the Serbian Threat." Franco-Prussian was a war between France and Germany which led to a humiliating defeat for France. France lost the regions of Alsaceand Lorraine. This war led up to the formation of the powerful German empire. Doing this disrupted the balance of power in Europe. 1870-1871The Franco-Prussian War Russo-Japanese war A war between Russia and Japan was devastating to the Russians. They were fighting over areas in the east, and the Russians lost almost their entire Baltic and Pacific fleet. This war alsomade the Russians lose interest in anything in the east and let them focus on more things in Europe. This war also led up to the Russian Revolutionof 1905 1904-1905 June 1914 Beginging of the Great War in Europe Both the Central and Allied powers wanted the war to be over quickly.Both sides had strategies and technology to make the war a long war. Biplanes, gas mask, hand grenades, poison gas, rapid fire machine guns, pistols, and armored tanks were used on both sides.These were items were mostly used in the trenches along the Frenchcountry side. Soldiers had to go up against mud, rats, cold and heat, andthe constant threat of death. This form of warfare was called trench warfare.The Europeans just had to be careful to not go in the area between the trenchescalled "no man's land." If they went in there, they could be mowed down byenemy bullets The Lusitania On May 7, 1915, a German U-boat sunk a British passenger ship off the coast of Ireland. They used U-boats to sink the ship because GermanyHad few naval boats, but they had a large supply of U-boats, or sumperinesThe U-boat fired at the Lusitania on its routefrom New York to Liverpool, England. Out of the 1,900 crew members and passengers on the ship,nearly 1,200 people died, including 128 Americans.President Wilson was outraged that the Germans had sunk the ship. The Germans told the Americansthat the ship was carrying a load of ammo towardEngland. The Germans also promised the AmericansThat they would no longer harm any more passengerships and neutral merchant ships. This event didn'tbring America into the war, but it led toward them coming into the war. The Russian Revolution of 1917
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