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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Rise of the Megacity The World has lots of Megacities but how where they created. Megacities started by being small cities that overtime more people have come and they had families which made the city bigger to becomea megacity.. Urbanisation has been a big part of the rise of the megacities. Megacities have to expand to country areas so that they can have more housing areas and more businesses so that morepeople can live their and it will get more popular. Rural Urban Migration is quite popular to Country Areas. Alot of the Country people decide to live in the big city that way they can have better jobs better money and more opportunities.. Paris, France Rio de Janeiro The Population of France is 63.9 Million People. The Population of Rio de Janeiro is 6.1 Million People. The French economy is one of the most strongestin the world.France is part of the leading industrial economies in the automotive, aerospace, and Railway stations. The French alsoproduce world class cosmetics and luxury goods. Rio de Janeiro is known to be Brazils largest tourist destination. Rio's Famous attractions include Sugarloaf Mountain,Tijuca National Park, Maracana Stadium, Sambodromo, Copacabana Beach and Ipanema Beach. In Rio de Janeiro there is a lot of slums and old buildings. Rio de Janeiro is known for its Violence, Robberys and slums Rio de Janerio is a very unsafe city. In Rio de Janeiro the people who live their have to face environmental and economic problems such as having lots of slums, No roads, High crime rate and High Violence. This makes Rio de Janeirio not very popular.On the other hand though Rio has quite afew tourist attractions which increases Rio de Janeiros Population. . The government does not have enough homes for the homeless to lend and They are having a problem with a lot of sewage waste that could getinto the public drinking water which will causediseases such as cholera.Another problem with France would be how the tourist going to Paris getdisappointed because they don't realise that Pariscan be a harsh place with crime and filth. Some wayshow we can fix these problems is by building a big buildingso that the homeless people can stay there for a while andget help with getting job skills and for the sewage waste inventing a chemical substance that will disinfect the waterand putting a gelatine like formula on the ling of the water pipes to destroy the bacteria in the water pipes that wayParis will have Cleaner water.
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