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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Rise and Fall of Napoleon's Grand Army #latitudenews Source: International Centre for Prison Studies Belgium Waterloo,Belgium Italy Egypt Austria Austria Prussia Spain Russia Leipzig, Germany In an early victory Napoleon defeated British and Austrian armies in order to conquer Belgium. Napoleon escaped from exile and returned to a loyal army. The final straw for Napoleon and his Grand Army was their defeat against British and Austrian armies in the Battle of Waterloo (June 1815).After his defeat Napoleon was once again exiled to a small remote island called St. Helena double click to change this title text! After declaring war with France (1805) Prussia was defeated at Jena and Auerstadt. Two weeks later Berlin was conquered, giving Napoleon power over all of Germany. Later, the Treaty of Tilsit gave Napoleon half of Prussia. After Russia ends their engagement in the Continental System (1810), Napoleon invades with 600,000 troops. In the Battle of Borodino France loses 30,000 troops. Due to Russia's use of "scorched earth" policy brings the French army to its knees and Napoleon abandons his army of 100,000 troops. After Napoleon's defeat in Russia a coalition of Russian, Austrian, Prussian, and British armies defeat Napoleon in the Battle of Nations. In 1814 this coalition marched into Paris,forced Napoleon to abdicate his throne, and exiled him to Elba. In an early victory in 1805 Napoleon defeated the Austrian army and conquered Vienna. In the attempt to disrupt Great Britain's interest in the Mediterranean Napoleon invaded and captured Egypt from the Ottoman Empire. In December of 1805 Napoleon defeats Russian and Austrian forces in Italy and is named the King of Italy after the Treaty of Pressburg. In order to enforce the Continental system Napoleon invaded Spain to prevent smuggling with Great Britain. Later getting rid of the Spanish Bourbons and placing his brother, Joseph in power. In 1809 Austria declared war on France, but is swiftly defeated, resulting in the Peace of Schonbronn. Napoleon then divorced his wife Josephine and married the archduchess of Austria, Marie Louise.
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