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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Revolutionary War Battle of Brandywine Creek The leaders/important people of the Patriots is George Washington and for the British is Sir William Howe. Casualties were that the Patriots were 1,300 to 1,900 and for the British were 600 to 2,000 killed. The battle was on September 11,1777 at Chadds Ford, PA. The British advantages were lots of supplies and equipment. What happened was Washington positioned his troops east of Brandywine Creek on high ground expecting British men to cross at Chadds Ford and Howe led the other men to distract the British and lure them to their men but it didn't work and the British won. British control Philadelphia. Bunker Hill The leaders/important people of the Patriots are William Prescott, and Israel Putnam and for the British are General William Howe, and Major John Pitcam. Casualties were that Patriots 441 killed or wounded and British 1,150 killed or wounded. The battle was on June 17, 1775 at Boston, Massachusetts. The British advantages were large fighting force, more supplies, and superior Navy. America learned British plan to take Bunker Hill and Breed's Hill and the British win the battle because the Americans ran out of ammo and had to retreat. Long island Leaders/ important people: Patriots-George Washington(later) and Charles LeeBritish: General William Howe and Richard HoweDate: August 27, 1776British Advantages:strong navy and large fighting forceWhat happened: Washington takes group to defend NYC but, the British offer Washington a surrender instead of fighting. British sent a small force to attack center of Patriots defense and and the rest of the army almost surrounded the Americans. Patriots are forced to retreat but 400 soldiers from Maryland cover the retreat and most died. Boston NYC Philadelphia
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