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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Up to 8 million of the estimated 16 millionnative inhabitantsdied between 1885 and 1908 The Return on Rubber The Role of Rubber in the Industrial Revolution:European countries "scrambled" to colonize territories within Africa.In 1884-1885 fourteen leaders of major European countries met atthe Conference of Berlin to divide Africa among themselves. There were raw materials that were found in Africa but unavailable in Europe, such as rubber. This was one of the economic motives of imperialism, which is to obtain resources that would otherwise be unavailable and then use them to manufacture items to sell. Also, by colonizing the territories, the European countries were able to have more land under there control, which provided them with an image of being politically and military more powerful. Along with the economic and political motives, the social motives forcolonizing Africa were to be seen as superior to others as well asto to "civilize" the people who live within the territories in Africa. Europe The Impact on People:Leopold II of Belgium claimed 900,000 square miles of the Congo to be a colony of Belgium. Though he had made manyimprovements to his own country, Leopold has caused many problems within the Congo. He had enforcedquotas, one being that if a village was not able to meet the requirements of theamount of rubber they needed to collect, then they would be punished by havingtheir right hands chopped off and collected. This led to many deaths ofthe African people.
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