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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Role of Rubber in the Industrial The Role of Rubber in the Industrial It had brought a lot of money to factories in Europe and was used for many resources that we use everyday. It was also a good location and Africa contained the raw materialneeded for the machines in the factories. Negativ e Negativ e It was negative because it had enslavedand taken over African land and made the natives slaves. The slaves were treated brutal and left in harsh conditions.It had caused the populationto decrease by over 10 million people to die. The Return of Rubber The Return of Rubber Amount of land European countriestook over at theBerlin Conference FrenchBritish SpanishGermanBelgianPortugueseItalianIndependent Positive Positive 36% 36% 5% 3% 7% 8% 8% 1% Industrial revolutioneffects on European countries. Industrial revolutioneffects on European countries. The industrial revolutionmade the European countries wealthy and KingLeopold used the money to buildparks, racetracks, railway stationsand many more things. He also made a 17 acre palace for himself which still exist today. Factories andbusinesses made money off the rubber that was being sent to them through the congos Ruber was the main source of production for Europe. Rubber was very valuable in the 1900s and was making alot of money for Europeans. They used the rubber in tires for automobiles, bicycles, shoes, shoe soles and many other waysas well. Rubber also led to the meeting called the Berlin conference which was the meeting of European countries wanting to divide Africa for its resources. King Leopold had taken over the congos and wanted to use the raw materials becauseit was cheap to get rubber from the vines in the jungle. Selling the rubber he would make double the profit than he made before.He enslaved the natives and made them work and collect rubberthrough a process called rubber tapping. Rubber was basically gold that was very useful to factories and businesses acrossthe world Jennifer Siguenza
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