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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE REIGN THE REIGN OF TERROR OF TERROR IN AMERICA IN AMERICA in which Thomas Jefferson succeeds in his bloody revolution at the dawn of the United States george washington George Washington had pretty conservative ideals when it came to politics. (Especially compared to Jefferson). He also was notafraid to squash revolution. So, I believe his presidency would berocky with little support. Looking at the French Revolution, the 'common folk' would execute individuals they believe stifled their freedoms. In thisreality, George Washington would fitthis bill and if the American people act as the French did, Washington would be out of office (and maybea head as well). john adams The French Revolution was an uprising by peasants in France protesting class inequality.As a result, leaders and nobles alike fell prey to the dreaded guillotine. Thomas Jefferson loved these uprisings and wished the same would come upon the US. Jefferson didn't historically succeed, but what if he did? How would this impact the first three presidencies? thomas jefferson Thomas Jefferson had a certainaffinity for the common man andthe simple American farmer. Jeffer-son also had a track record of makinghis own rules while in office. Taking thisinto account, while keeping in mind thatJefferson is the revolution leader, I seemany parallels between Jefferson'sideals and those of Soviet leaders. Jeff-erson would root for the 'working class'while exercising tight control over his citizens. (Lenin? Stalin? Khrushchev?those leaders are sharing a few chara-cteristics). Thomas Jefferson was alsonot in support of the Constitution, so I believe his administration would be aninteresting mix of French leadership and an early Soviet regime. sources: The Washington Administration pod John Adams takes France pod French Revolution sources: Jeffersonian America pod John Adams Takes France pod Encyclopedia Britannica USSR and assorted readings on Soviet Union John Adams was a president who could honestly care less about the French or the French Revolution. Should John Ad-ams actually of become president afterthe bloody revolution, events such as the XYZ Affairs would have never happened. TheFrench would definitely become closerallies with the US, because the US wasfollowing suit with their style of protest.I don't believe Adams would stay in officelong, however. Much like what could happen with Washington, Adams wouldbe forced out of office for Jefferson to take the reigns. sources: John Adams takes France pod French Revolution
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