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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Controversial Islamic Teachings in Public School California Judge ruled that kidsmust partake in school activiteisthat are inconsistent with theirbeliefs In a North Carolina school districtteachers brought a copy of theQur'an to class in order to instructstudents on its use In Florida a historytextbook that is usedin public schools is under review for having pro Islam chapters A school in Oregonhas been having students learn Muslim prayers and learn the five pillars of Islam Many communities throughout the United States are complainingthat Islamic traditions and the Qur'an are being taught in public schools while it is forbidden to teach about the bible or Christianity. double click to change this header text! In Michigan the Council onAmerican-Islamic Relationspushed public schools into allowing muslim students to pray on school grounds In Indiana, Rep. Andre Carson has said that he wants publicschools to follow Islamic teachings and methods BibliographyBare Naked Islam accessed April 13, 2014 (extremely conservative)Blessed Cause Accessed April 13, 2014 (Extremely conservative/christian blog)Islam in Our Schools Accessed April 13, 2014 (conservative blog)The Examiner Accessed April 14, 2014 (freelance writing platform)The Wnd accessed April 14, 2014 (conservative independent news network)Front Page Mag Accessed April 14, 2014 (Extremely conservative news site)Snopes Accessed April 14, 2014 (Rumor Website)Godfather Politics Accessed April 14, 2014 (Very Conservative Blog/news archive)SFGate Accessed April 14, 2014 (A San Francisco News Archive)Fox News Radio Accessed April 14, 2014 (Conservative blog) Students at a highschool in Houstonwere forced to attendan Islamic Awarenesspresentation A text book in Tennessee arguesthat suicide bombings in Israel mightnot be an act of terrorism by David Raschko
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