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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1873 2013 In 1873, Northwest Territories dominatedCanada, taking over where Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Nunavutand most of Manitoba, Ontario, Quebecand Newfoundland would be today. This gives them only 7 provinces and 2 territories. PEI just joined, and would have joined earlier,but they had a debate whether to join the US or Canada, but joined Canada because in the US they would be the smallestand wouldn't have much power. Years later in 2013, Northwest Territories gave up mostof their territory, creating the other 3 provinces and 2territories, but also erasing the Arctic Islands. In 1898, Yukon Territory broke off from NorthwestTerritories into the west towards Alaska, as well asNunavut in 1999, spreading out where the Arctic Islandsused to be. Vocabulary TERRITORIES: Gains power and authorityfrom federal goverment PROVINCE: Gains power and authority from Constitutional Act CONSTITUTIONAL ACT: Constitutional Act of 1982is a bill of rights signed by Prime Minister PierreTrudeau and Queen Elizabeth II. Includes theCanadian Charter of Rights and Freedom Citations Canadian Oxford World Atlas The World Encyclopedia of Peopleand Places: Volume 1, A-C Canada Canada has changed a lot since 1873, when Canada wasfully found. If you can look at the 1873 and 2013 maps, thecolouring of the provinces are very different. Even if 1873 were to follow 2013's colours, green would be a and estimate of <80%of Canada. Pink would be a small area of land near the border,light blue and light purple would be narrow lines, and most coloursnon-existing. Canada has definetly changed it's borders. The Provinces and Territories of Canada Aidan P. 7-1
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