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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Pixar Theory The story they didn't tell us... The Theory is that all pixar characters live with in the same universe. Have you everwondered why you can see the same objects in throughoutmultiple movies? Such as the well know Pizza Planet truck? Every movie Pixar has releasedcovers part of the elaborate storyof The Pixar Universe. Pixar, however,didn't release them in the order conspirer Jon Negroni believedthey should've been. Instead it should look more like this... Humans Animals Machines While telling the story of Boo andSully, Pixar also focuses on a power struggle foundbetween humans, animals,& machines in their world. Struggles that have come aboutbecause of magic and technology advances. In this universe the Witchfrom Brave is actually Boo. Her love for Sully andher wish to get back to him are whatconnect all of theses moviesthroughout time in this universe. Magic used by the Witchin Brave is what allows animals to start taking in more human like features. That you also seein Ratatouille, Up, and FindingNemo. This magic also the origination of super heros which bring us the Incredibles. How has Pixar connected these movies? The technology that is used to create the Omnidroid that was built to kill The Incredibles, develops a mind of it's own.The Omnidroid gives off and energy that explains how the toys in Toy Story 1,2,& 3 draw power. Machines take controlover everything that is left, and humans are sent to live in outer space, depicted in Wall-E. Humans were no longer on the Planet somachines, cars, take over. Creating the the world that we see in Cars 1 & 2. But machines can only steak their claim for solong. Animals soon take Earth back in A Bugs Life. But because machines have had control forso long the solution has created the monsters, or maybe mutated animals, in Monsters, Inc. & Monsters University. What does Pixar have to say about this theory? "Monsters University" director Dan Scanlon and producer Kori Rae spoke about the theory. Asked if there was any truth behind this theory, Scanlon said, "It's a funny idea, but we would've had to be insane geniuses to have plotted that out." Pixar's Jay Ward laughed off the theory saying , "I think somebody had a lot of time on their hands." "The movies were sort of made in a different order by different directors in different times, in different places," he added. "It's cool that it all worked out that way, but it probably was not intentional."
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