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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Path to 21st Century Education "Education makes sensebecause women and men learn that throughlearning they can make and remake themselves."Paulo Friere, advocateof Critical Pedagogy The first step in criticalpedagogy is to raiseconsciousness. Studentscan learn to be self-awareand aware of their world. The second stepof critical pedagogy is to critique. We teachour students to becritical thinkers whodon't simply accept everythingthey hear/read as truth. Bill Lind spreadsthe idea that criticalpedagogy is actuallyCultural Marxism, aka "the great disease ofour country." Parents are being told that: "Political correctness, the product of critical theory, is really treason against the U.S. Constitution and against America."Buchanan,2 Critical Pedagogy is misinterpreted as"a movement that is teaching future generations that capitalism and traditional American values are intrinsically evil." Through critical pedagogy andCommon Core Standardswe can guide students to beconscious citizens in a globalcommunity. Critical Pedagogy and the 21st Century Classroom Critical Pedagogy, and/or political correctnessare being lumped together and getting a bad rapfrom many cultural conservatives who arelabeling it as Cultural Marxism and declaring it to be anti-American.Critical Pedagogy is a way of helpingstudents "achieve critical consciousness. ( consciousness is an end goalof the 21st Century Classroom. We wantto raise informed students who questionwhat they're told, think criticallyand come to their own conclusions. I question why Lind, Ayers, and others areso against this notion.Common Core Standards and 21st CenturyEducation seeks to prepare studentsto enter a global economy wherethey will be expected to think critically,come up with innovative ideas and, hopefully, change our world for the better.While we all love this country, we also knowthat things could always be better.There is no harm in improvement.Let's educate our students to bethe change they want to see.
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