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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Parts of a Cell By Andrea Staples Nucleolus DNA DNA is the instruction manuel for all cells. It tells the cell what proteins to make. Ribosomes The Nucleolus makes Ribosomes and RNA. Ribosomes synthesize proteins; they construct them. Lysosomes Vacuole Golgi Apparatus Cytoplasm and Cytosol Plasma Membrane Flagella and Cilia The Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell,it creates ATP to provide energy for organelles to function. Peroxisomes break down toxinsand hydrogen peroxide. Theyare also surrounded by lipids and proteins. Lysosomes hold enzymes anddigest things. The enzymes canbreak down complex sugars and proteins. Vacuoles can store any varietyof nutrients a cell might need,it also stores waste products to protect the cell and absorbs protein. The Rough ER is very important inthe synthesis and packaging ofproteins. Some of proteins might be used in the cell and some might be sent out. The Golgi Apparatus stores proteins or sends them to the plasma membrane and other parts of the cell. The Cytoskeleton is made of a protein that provides structure for the cell. It connects to every organelle and every part of the cell membrane. The Cytoplasm includes all organelles except the nucleus, and the cytosol is the jelly-like substance. The cytoplasm helps materials move around the cell. The Plasma Membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell. It helps maintain the shape of the cell, and keeps the inside of the cell from spilling out. Flagella and Cilia are hairs that help move cells along. Flagella is one long and thick hair while Cilia are small hairs. Rough ER Nucleus Peroxisome The Nucleus acts like the brainof the cell. It contains DNA andthe Nucleolus and tells the organelles what to do. Mitochondria Vesicles store and transportsubstances and are used tomove and absorb proteins. Vesicle The Smooth ER acts as a storageorganelle. It also modifies proteinsand puts them through vesicles to send them to the golgi apparatus. Cytoskeleton Smooth ER
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