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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Outsiders Literary Portrait 1.Exposition-The beginning of the story where the characters, setting, and other information is introduced. The setting was in urban Tulsa, Oklahoma in around 1965. They also went to the church, hospital, park, car lot, theater, Dairy Queen, Buck Merril's house, and the Curtis' house. This setting was very important because it affected the characters and the plot. The setting, which is a city which is heavily divided into two social classes, is the base of the Greaser's and the Soc's lifestyles. The character's personalities are based on their class. Dally was this hardened person because of all of the things that he has done and that he had seen.The city also had lots of crime which caused him to go to jail.For example, in the book, he says, "You get hardened in jail." If he lived in a better city setting, I can infer that he would be a much more sensitive person that was not like the rule breaker that he was. Also, the setting effects the plot as well. If the setting was not this social class divided city, then I can assume that the story would not exist! The major conflict in the story is the struggle between the Greasers and the Socs, which was based on the fact that the city had a definite line of wealth. The major characters in this book include Ponyboy, Soda, Darry, Dally, Johnny, Cherry, Bob, and Randy. I believe thisbecause these characters majorly influencedother characters and the plot of the story. For example, in the text, Dallas was rough and the only thing that he loved was Johnny. I believe that is why Dallas killed himself. When the only thing that he loved was gone,he thought that life was not worth living for. Also, Johnny dying ultimately affected the plot as well. If Johnny hadn't died, then Dallas wouldn't have died and both of their deaths changed the plot dramatically. This is an example of how some characters can heavily impact other and how characters can change the plot as well. Theme- Life is not always fair but you have to try to make life better or else things will not get better.After killing the Soc and running away to hideout in a Church, Johnny and Ponyboy met up with Dally. When they were talking,Johnny said "We're goin' back and turn ourselves in." While earlier, Ponyboy thought to himself, "We could take whatever was coming to us now." Both statements prove that bothJohnny and Ponyboy were decided to try to improve their situations and make things better despite of the horrible incident that had just occurred. I believe that they did the right thing in doing that because instead of moping, they did something to try to change things. If they did not do anything, then theirbad lifestyle would continue. In the book, there is an example of what could have happened. It said, "And now he didn't have time between jobs to even think abut college. So he never went anywhere and never did anything more, except work." This is an example of how Darry gave up of trying to go tocollege and the result was that he had to work for a long time just to provide for the family. I believe that if he kept on looking for opportunities, regardless if he had enough money or not, then he could stop living in this poor lifestyle. 3.The climax is when Johnny died. This is because Johnny's death affected the plot greatly by changing the Greaser's and Soc's lifestyle forever fromthat point on. Before the climax, the major conflict was that the Greasers and the Socs couldn't get along. However, after Johnny died, then a major turning point occurred and the Socs and the Greasers started tobecome friends. They decided to put their differences aside when they realized that the reason why both of them lost someone that they cared for was because oftheir endless fighting. That is why I think that Johnny's death was the climax. 4. After Johnny died, Dally had lost the one thing that he loved and he thought that there was nothing left in life. That is what caused him to kill himself. After that, both sides went to court and the case was closed and life became a little more normal. Also, then the Socs and Greasers started to understand each other and stop fighting. 1.Ponyboy Curtis, a fourteen year old Greaser lives in the socially divided city Tulsa, Oklahoma in around 1966. he is in a gang which includes hi two older brothers charming Soda and serious Darry and also other close friends Steve, Two-Bit, Dallas, and Johnny. They are in a feud with the Socs , who are morefortunate than the Greasers. The Curtis brother's parents passed away in an automobile accident whichforces Darry to be in charge for his family. 2.First, tensions build between Ponyboy and Darry. Then, Johnny kills Bob. After that, Ponyboy and Johnny flee to not get in trouble. Next, they meet up with Dally and save the kids from the burning church. Subsequently, Dally and Johnny are in the hospitalfor injuries from the church rescue. Lastly, the Socs and the Greasers fight in the rumble and the Greasers win. Elements of Plot 5. The resolution was when Ponyboy finally stood up to the Socs, Ponyboy knows how much his brother Darry loves him, and he read Johnny's letter. This is the resolution because Ponyboy's fear of the Socs are gone when he defends himself, he and his brother are understanding of each other, and lastly when Ponyboy reads the letter, he realizes that he can make a change by writing something so that other people don't have to deal what he has to deal with. 4. Falling Action-When the main chracter is getting closer to the solution to the problem and the story shows the results of what the character has done. 3.Climax-The main event or danger that the main character faces and where there is a huge turning point. 2.Rising Action-Where the main character is first introduced to the problem and tension keeps on increasing. 2. 5. Resolution-The end of the story where the conflict is resolved and loose ends are tied up. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to change this header text! double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Character Analysis-PonyboyPonyboy has changed a lot from the beginning of the book. First, Ponyboy was a sensitive, timid, and afraid boy. By the end of the book, he was stronger, more out going, and bold. However, throughout the book, there were some qualities that did not change at all. All throughout, he was pure in the heart and most importantly, he was never satisfied with what little he had. Ponyboy had the attitude to improve his life and make things better. His attitude and this quality is what caused him to finally understand what was important to himself. His quality also describes what the theme of the book, life is not always fair but you have to try to make things better. If Ponyboy did not have this optimistic attitude, then his life would have worsened and the guilt of Johnny and Dallas's deaths would eat at him everyday. Instead of letting that happen, Ponyboy decided to try to let other boys who also suffered their hardships to not feel alone. He decided to turn the sadness into kindness. In the book, he said,"I could see boys going down under street lights because they were mean and tough an hated the world,and it was too late to tell them that there wa