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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 IVAN SILVERBACK Th31nOnly1van@fastm 1-800-357-1ZO O www.washingtonst Ivan BRIEFLY ABOUT ME SKILLS My name is Ivan. I am a gorilla. I was taken from my home and shipped to the USA. A man named Mack bought me and I lived with him for a long time. I broke too many things, so he took me to the circus themed mall he owned. I lived there with Bob the dog, Stella, the elephant, and eventually, Ruby the elephant. Ruby came to our zoo and attracted a lot of visitors. Soon after, Stella got sick. She died before she could see the vet. Ruby had to start learning tricks for the shows. She did not obey Mack. Mack threatened her with a stick. One day, the news reporters came to talk about Ruby. They saw the pointy stick and took pictures. Soon, word got out and there were a lot of protesters. They wanted me and Ruby to live somewhere else. One day, people came with crates. They tried to get Ruby and I into them, but we didn't want to. The day they finally got us in the pen, they took us to a place called a zoo. They put Ruby in another part of the zoo, and they put me in a glass cage with a tv. The show that was playing was about some gorillas. They played for a while. Then one day, they opened up a door in my cage. A woman led me through. Then I realized that the show playing on tv was actually a camera. As I walked out of the door, I spied other gorillas. None of them were silverbacks, so I guess I was meant to be the leader. I went back inside to my cage. I was going to wait. A few days later, the door was opened again. I wandered out, hoping to give it another try. The other gorillas stopped and stared. I walked over to a wall. I could hear elephants. I thought I might find Ruby, so so I climbed a tree near the wall and beat my chest. I called her name, but she couldn't hear me. I saw her playing with other elephants. I was very happy for her. I climbed down the tree and greeted my new troop mates. Then, I went crazy to sleep. EDUCATION PLACES LIVED Friend Artist Pillow Tag Player Tv Watcher Leader Storyteller TV Western Movies Stella the Elephant Human Words WORK EXPERIENCE Three decades Three decades Three decades Watching TV Westerns Making art with crayon and paper from Julia Working as a pillow at night for Bob the dog Friends CONTACT ME AT: The Zoo The One and Only Ivan tap and hold to changethis text! Washington State and Central Africa tap and hold to changethis text!
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