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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE ONE THEME: OBJECTIVE SUMMARY: PLOT: SETTING: CHARACTERS: No matter what happens in life continue to fight for what you want most America wanted to be the one who won over Prince Maxonsheart, but there are thee otherwomen fighting for him, so she does everything in her power towin him over. Throughout Americas time in the palace, she has gotten the opportunity to get to know 34 different girls that have been fighting for the princes heart. And over the months girls have left and are gone. But in this book she is left to deal with Celeste the snobby gold digger who just wants the money and fame. Celeste does everything in her power to humiliate America but America constantly fights back Then there was Kriss, the kind, good hearted, self concious girl who is very competitive. Kriss is said to be the one America fights aginst in the end over Maxons heart. And lastly there is Elise who is very shy, pretty, and very confident when people are looking. Elise is a good person but is known as the quiet type who will be run over very easily The setting is in the future of the united states called the kingdom of illea where there are no longer states but instead now called the castes. The castes are labled as 1-8. Only royalty is in the 1 caste and so on. The books plot tells of how America Singer takes one more and moreresponsibilities and tasks that she needs to show and to do in order to show the King that she is Queen worthy and that she deserves to marry his son. In the beginning America comes face to face with rebels that want the diaries that have been hidden for hundreds of years. She goes through many bad rebel attacks and goes through a adventure that leads her outside of the palace walls which is very dangerous to herand to the prince who travels with her. Throughout the adventures that she faces she makes the king mad over and over almost sent home but fightsfor spot in the Selection.
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