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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Notorious Benedict Arnold By Steve Sheinkin This biography is about Benedict Arnold -- a man many people consider a traitor. Arnold grew from a young, adventurous boy, to a brave general in the Revolutionary War. Sadly, Arnold craved fameand fortune, and he was unable to get it. He endsup going from the American Army to the Britishside. While fighting for the British, he still nevergets his desires. He is considered a traitor because of this, but he was a brave, strong leaderwho led the Americans to many great victories.Arnold died at age 67 in Great Britain. Today, many believe him to be the biggest traitor of all time. Arnold 1.) shot twice in exact same spot 2.) known to attack his own soldiers 3.) went through multiple horses in battle double click to change this header text! 1.) lives early stages of life as young daredevilin Norwich, Connecticut 2.) commits to redeeming family name after he's left with debts due to death of father 3.) joins American Rebels and becomes general of half the army 4.) attacks British fort, Quebec, but is shot in leftleg 5.) after recovery, he leadsmany other attacks but is upset work goes unnoticed 6.) due to wanting famemore than freedom, he makes plans to switchsides and carries themout -- officially becoming a British soldier "Arnold began to worry that his work was going unappreciated, that his reputation was being trashed. Nothing was more certain to light the fuse to his fury." I chose this powerful quote because it shows how Arnold didn't care aboutthe cause for the war. All he wanted was fame,and because of that, he is now referred to as atraitor. He was too selfish to ever become the hero that he desired.
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