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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Economic Development Political Development Oceania and the Americas both had a social hierarchyof distinct classes. Oceania (Maori People): Limitations Americas (Mayans): Americas (Aztecs and Incas): By Rachel J Kim The New World and Oceania Impact: ex: In Oceania, the Maori people of New Zealand had a rise of a social class. In the Americas, the Incas and Aztecs had a hierarchy social system. Oceania and Americas both their economies were based on agriculture and (eventually) traded with others. The Aztecs and Incas (eventually) had an empire having developed into a centralized government ruled by an emperor. Both the New World and Oceania societies lacked advanced technologies, such as iron, and were geographically isolated. The Mayans had merchants/artisans that traveled easily for trade and had their city states trade as well, because they were located in the Yucatan Peninsula. ex: In Oceania, the Pacific Islands all created complex agricultural ecnomies, and soon got a trade network flowing among the islands. In the Americas, the Mayans used swamp agriculture as well as the slash and burn methods to support their economy, and had city states trade with each other. Oceania (Northern Australia and New Guinea): The Maori people had geographical barriers that blocked them from having a centralized government, and only had ruling chiefs. The Northern Australia and New Guniea did trade but were limited within their region, since they were islands. The Northern Australia and New Guniea did trade but were limited within their region, since they were islands. These factors caused these societies to develop slower than those in the East.It caused Oceania to never really prosper, until migrants reached New Zealand, or centralize.It caused the New World societies to have a disadvantage when the Europeans came to conquer their land and lose. Impact: However: Oceania lacked a writing system, while parts of the Americas had one (like the Aztecs and Mayans). Oceania's societies can never truly be known because nothingwas documented, which reflects some lack of communication(since they were also isolated) among themselves as well.Parts of the Americas (Aztecs and Mayans) had a symbolic writing system, keeping some records. They were used in relgious rituals/practices.
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