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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The New Deal: to Create Long-lasting Economic Stability for All What did it proveRural Electrification Agency: brought electrical power to homes lacking it and gave Americans opportunity to buy more household appliance- (buy more key word) Work Progress Administration- hired many diverse workers that fixed infrasturcture and allowed for more walks of life to experinece music and theatrical stuff-soil conservation and family farming: farmers recieved federal assiatnace to reduce soil loss and gave money to the farmers by buying their useless land and making it into natinal parks - these benefitted the large farmerowners but noone working beneath them so failed to keep farms in buiness Social Security Act: the national government created a system to aid those who were unemplyed, old, disabled, and families in need- this would mean that the gov. would permanently provide a system of socail insurance - buth thi- when this act provided health insurance, it took the obs of doctors incomes and so the government dropped this part of it - and it wasn't a perfect system-- excluding minorities and non- married women now the idea of Laizze Faire seemed to be fading as the more active role where citizens could count on government to help protect citizens against economic misfortunate was increasing, as was the stardard lifestyle - the new take on lberalism showed for the moe active social role the government should have instead of playing a hnads off role where big cooperations could be unregulated an rule people though that the "every man who wants to work" can have a job (879). - others saw this as recklace adn a huge amount of spending that was not needded and should be the responsibility fo the citizen not the gov. "Sovietizing" America (882)Election of 1936- FDR won- seemed to address the economic diffultices people from a ll differnt incomes are facing- and give goveernment a more active face in helping the general well-being of individuals - when in court he gave more power to the federal overnment and states supporting regulating money he made a minimum wag law and fixed obstacles in the Wagner Act and Social Secirty Act -and now the court seemed to accept the new deal which marked a permanet judicial change - since the system rarely intervened in the economic state of those poorer in years lading up to 1937United States Housing Act that allowed to build homes for the poorest Americans and the Fair Labors Standard Bill didn't pass for over a year- but finally set minmum wage,banned child labor, and required pay for overtime work -- examples of new federal way of wathcing over citizens to ensure more economic equality in 1937- since economic conditions were imporivnig the yuear before, Roosevelt reduced gederal funding for farms and WPA and as gov. spending fell, so did the circulation of money and job opportuunites. Nearly by 20%- showed the government had to spend money to keep eoonomic activity happening and citrtlating -- public spending would be the major tool government would use for stimulating ecoomic Growth
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