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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Nazi Officer's Wife Birth June 24,1914 Edith Hahn Beer was born Highschool One out of 3 Jews in her class of 36 Pepi Attended socialistmeetings- met Pepi Rosenfield College Enrolled at the University of Vienna with Pepi Chrystal After her fatherdied in 1936, she helped support her family by tutoringthe Denner family- met Chrystal Nazis This was aboutthe time theNazis started totake over andabuse the Jews Sorry! Unfortunately, Edith was told she wasn't allowedto study at theuniversity anymore(because she was a Jew), right before shewas about to take her final exam 22 14 Edith and her mother were toldthey would be sent to Germany to work,but Edith convinced them to let hermother stay See-Ya! Sent to work in the fields as a slave laborer.- blistering sun- driving rain- 4am to days end Osterburg Wrote to Pepi every day, but their love was growing weaker.He didn't want to be associatedwith her since she refused to wear the star (made her a fugitive) Pepi no! Munich Edith flew to Munich, where she started working for the Red Cross with a hiddenidentity. Had to be VERY careful not togive herself away!!! Werner Vetter Met Werner at anart museum- shortlyafter she fell madlyin love with him andtold him who shereally was. They werelater engaged,thenmarried, and later hada child together. Moving on HOW DOESIT END? In the matter of a little over a year, Edithwent from being the most despised creatureduring that time- a hunted Jewish slave girl,to being one of its most valued citizens. She had become the best ting a German womancould be- A NAZI OFFICER'S WIFE. In 1957 she remarried, moved to Israel and raised Angela as a Jew. "And my little daughter and I, because of random good luck and theinterventions of a few decent people, had been saved." -Edith Hahn Beer I chose this quote because it shows that even though Edith wasin grave danger almost he entire life and she lived in fear, sheand her daughter made it through the Holocaust because of such small things, like an act of kindness. by Edith Hahn Beer Two months after the Russian victory,Edith reclaimed her old identity. Whilefighting as a Nazi officer, Werner wascaptured by the Russians and sent to prison. Edith and her daughter moved to Brandenburg'snicest district. 2 years after his capture, Warner came back, only to find that Edith was not the same woman he had left her as, so he asked for a divorce.
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