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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Some deducted that the NLF was actually made up of Northern Communists who had entered the South undetected in the orders of Ho Chi Minh as a part of the Vietcong. ("The Vietnam War") The National Liberation Front was also known as the "National Front of the Liberation of the South". It worked along with North Vietnam's efforts to spread Communism. ("National Liberation Front Formed") The National Liberation Front And Its Effecs On The Vietnam War What was the NLF? Who were involved the NLF? The People's Liberation Armed Forces Ngo Dinh Diem How did they work? What was North Vietnam's role in this? After-Effects What did the NLF do? The NLF mainly reached out to those who were displeased with the South Vietnam government and its policies lead by President Ngo Dinh Diem. Part of their works were to highlight the crimes of the government and win over support from peasants of rural villages. They promised security to the countryside population and organized protests. ("The National Liberation Front") The NLF was formed by those who strongly opposed the corrupt and oppressive leadership of Ngo Dinh Diem. Even though this organization received help from the Communists of the North, this group was considered a political organization (made up of a variety of religious groups) and consisted of both communists and non-communists. ("National Liberation Front Formed") The main campaign of the NLF was called "the People's War". It was a smartly planned political effort rather than frontal fighting. This consisted of cadres that worked in the countryside to try and win over the hearts of the people. Their plan was to get more support before the US can directly intervene. In combination of this campaign were the conventional military attacks by the PLAF.("The National Liberation Front") The military arm of the NLF was called the People's Liberation Armed Forces (PLAF). This army worked along with the People's War campaign as the NLF's plan of liberating the South. It set attacks against the US Army installations in February of 1965, which convinced President Lyndon B. Johnson to send more than 500,000 troops into South Vietnam for support.("National Liberation Front Formed") President Ngo Dinh Diem was the main reason for the purpose of the NLF. Diem's strict stance against Communism led him to arrest thousands of suspected Communists and also have his secret police force roam the countryside to torture Communist Party members and their families. The president's extreme actions led to very unsatisfied people who thought they had no choice but to fight him because of his brutality. ("The National Liberation Front") There were a lot debate on the relationship of the NLF and the Communists from North Vietnam. Others argued that the NLF was a pure Southern Vietnamese organization free of North Vietnam's control. These people viewed the conflict as essentially civil war. ("The National Liberation Front") Throughout the entire war, the success of the North would not havebeen achieved without NLF and their coordinated attacks during theTet Offensive, which dampened Americans' spirits with its devastating results and caused the US to withdraw from the war ("NLF Formed").The Provisional Revolutionary Government (PRG) replaced the NLF as the leading Communist-front organization in South Vietnam in 1969 ("The National Liberation Front"). After the withdrawal of US forces in 1973, the North Vietnamese managed to subdue the South and unify the country ("The Vietnam War"). At the end of the drawn-out war, the North played an active role in the South. The NLF/PRG was not recognized for its efforts in winning the war which caused a great deal of tension between these former allies. It wasn't until 1986 that the proper attention was given to them for their aid in Vietnam's modern revolution ("The National Liberation Front").
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