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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Increase oftrade fromvoyages ofZheng He Increase oftrade fromvoyages ofZheng He 0 20 40 60 80 100 Gold Silk Porcelain Steel Born in 1371, ZhengHe had the birth nameof Ma He. He was veryeducated and becamea great imperial aideto our officials by age10. He became goodfriends with our current emperor. He now voyages withhis noble fleet to discover us yet morewonderful lands. Zheng He Zheng He This is what wehave been rewardedwith from Zheng He's voyages: The Nanjing Voice The Nanjing Voice Stoping these voyageswould become a sign ofweakness. Trade wouldcease and our powerfulempire will be forgotten.We mustn't chip away atour wealth, like oceanspray on a beached rock.We'll fill with dents and wither away. Many say so: "Building ships and paying sailors is expensive and no longer necessary. We've explored enough andit is time to move on. There and many other prioritiesfor us. We will use this when we need it. Ships havelittle advantage in warfare, and overland trade is acheaper, equally efficient replacement." Officials Say: Officials Say: Homes in Nanjing! Homes in Nanjing! Starting at 6,000 With a view! "The Greatest TradeSince the Silk Road" "The Greatest TradeSince the Silk Road" Should Zheng He's Voyages Stop? Should Zheng He's Voyages Stop? Zheng He himself, has little opinion on this topic, andhe believes in his emperor to make this choice, as they're good friends, and he is loyal to him. It's believed that these voyages easily pay for themselves and can advance our technologies, our people, and our society overall. As said above, thesevoyages has given us "The Best Trade Since the SilkRoad". It's also spread confucianism to other lands.
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