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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Mystery of Death Why you die and what happens after you die Each time our cells divide, a miniscule snippet of genetic information gets cut. Aftera few decades, a lot of geneticcode has been lost, and we dieof old age. Why You DIe of Old Age Christianity: part of human conditionaffected by sin; eternal life to those whoaccept Jesus's salvation; whil waiting forJesus to return again, may be called uponto care for dying and face own deathIslam: heavan and hell as well, but coverall of the man's debts after death andpray for himHinduism: reincarnation; those whotravel the sun path never return,those who travel the moon path comeback; many sun filled worlds, many demonic worlds; standard hell Yamalock; cremated because theelements that make up the bodybelong to the worldBuddhism: awakening of the soul,breaking apart of materialZoroastrianism: death is work of the Devil; body left for vultures on hilltopsJudaism: ultimate justice of Heaven and Hell Religious VIews on Death My Theory on Death Picture these three things: 1. Nothingness2. Forever3. Your brain unable to process anythingThese are three incomprehensible topics, but yetthese are the three main things explaining whathappens after you die. So, you simply cease to exist. You sense NOTHING! The other part is that you sense nothing FOREVER. Like "to infinity andbeyond", but real.Best of all, your brain can't process time or yoursenses! You can't sense your body decomposing,but you won't feel time pass because you are dead,and are stuck with NOTHINGNESS FOREVER!This is my theory on what it is like to die. Five Strange Things that Happen to YourBody Once You Die 1. Your cells burst open.2. You become pale and parts ofyour body closest to the ground fill with red blood cells and you turn purple in those areas.3.Your muscles contract.4. Your organs digest themselves.5. If your body comes in contactwith cold soil or water, a waxy fimcoats your entire body. HAPPY THINKING!!! By Allison Brattley
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