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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Based on Einstein's Miracle Theory,the 12 Universal Spiritual Laws, FlorenceScovel Shinn's The Game of Life and How to Play it,and Tesla's Key of 3 (Energy, Vibration, and Frequency),the foundation of Miracle Energy is predicated on the belief that there is plenty of Love, Money and Energy in the World for everyone, including an unlimited amount of Miracles for each and everyone. Feedback Loop start from scratch[clears the canvas] You read the posts, wherever you are in the World. Your thoughts and energy are picked up in the energy, which are thenreflected in the content. It begins with YOU,as a Player (reader andco-creator)in an Infinite Game The Miraculist -- Infinite Loop Theory with Miracle Energy Loops Build and Grow From new cancer treatments in Sweden, and 130 million gallons of water in the Colorado River, the miracle posts work together to "synchronize" which means the content helps to tell us what is coming up in the World. It has become a "passionate discussion" where topics such as relationships, Money, Meditation, and cutting edge science techniques are discussed. We can see what people think about most, as it's not even just the words, but thinking that gets picked up in the content. The Miraculist asks us, society, as a whole, what if we lived as though everything was a Miracle? In this grand social experiment, we look at where we create energy together,and where we need to give energy, including controversial topics. Content is posted on Each post is called a Miracle, to match Einstein's theory. I curate the plays on on location of players, what posts are being read, and what topics are most discussed. Most people are accustomed to a Finite game,where one person or team wins. Unlike that paradigm,an Infinite Game is about creating. Based on the book by James P. Carse, Infinite and Finite Games, the goal of The Miraculist as an Infinite Game, is to achieve the simplest and purest thinking and create miracles together.
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