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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pre-Columbian CivilizationsThe Intelligent Mayans, the Powerful Incas and the Blood-thirsty Aztecs The Mayans The Aztecs Approximately 250,000 people sacrificed per year At one point, 80,000 people were sacrificed in 4 days. (14 people killed per minute) Quetzalcoatl- white god PolytheisticMain god: Huitzilopochtli Had a flair for intelligenceCreated first calender Height- 250 ADBuilt Major cities- 300 BC Aztec King welcomed the Spanish conquistadorsto chase the "god"only to be conquered byFrancisco Pizarro. Built 3rd largest pyramid in the worldDedicated many pyramids to gods The Incas Pre-Columbian Civilizations The Blood-thirsty Aztecs, the Intelligent Mayas and the Powerful Incas AD 1200 No language Height: AD 1300AD 1325- founded CapitalTenochtitlán1400s Aztec Expansion Location: Mexico, Valleyof MexicoLegendary birthplace: AztlanGovernment: One rulerconquered neighboringnations Forced into paying taxes. Polytheistic human sacrificesperformedwatched from plazas below Location:Ecuador, ChileBegan: AD 1525Reached height: 1400 AD Major Achievements:Rice terraces, aqueducts, gorges, Road Systems, 19,000 miles worth of road,quipu and bridges.First to grow potatoes Polytheistic-Mainly worships Sun godIntifestival to honor gods"Chosen women" preparefood and drinksspecially for religiousoccassions Social Organization:One leader,Sapa Incas,Ayullu,Farmers,Peasants Cause of Decline: Spanish conquistadors(Hernán Cortés) Location: Guatemala, Belize,Yucatan PeninsulaMajor Achievements:Temple of the Feathered Serpent, Teotihuacan3rd largest temple in the worldmonumentsimpressive cities
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