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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Mayan calendar The Mayan calendar used three different dating systems parallel the long count,the Tolkien divine calendar and the habit civil calendar. Of these only hab was direct relationship to the year The hab is a 365 day solar calendar which is divided into 18 months of 20 days each and one month which is 5 days long (uayeb). The calendar has an outer ring of Myan glyphs (pictures) each of the 19 months.each day is represented by a number in the month fallowed by the name of the month.each glyph represents a personality associated with the month The Haab calendar The divine calendar is also known as the scared round or the tzolkin which means "the distribution of the days".it is a 260 day calendar,with 20 periods of 13 days use to determine the time of religious and ceremonial events.each day is numbered from one to thirteen,and then repeated.the day is always gaven a name (glyph) from a sequence of 20 day names.the calendar repeats it's self after each cycle The tzolkin calendar The long count is an astronomical calendar which was used to track longer periods of time,what the maya called the "universal cycle.each such cycle his calculated to be2,888,000 days (about 7885 solar years).the Mayans belived that the universe is destroyed and then recreated at the start of each universe cycle.this belief still inspires a myriad of prophesies about the end of the world The long count calendar
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