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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Lucky One The Lucky One Nicholas SparksRomance Main Character: Personality: He is adventurous, determined, and has ambition. Love is the theme. I know this because throughout the entire book every character has something to do with it. Theme: Job: At first he worked in the Army for a few years, then when he moved to Hampton he worked at the Kennel that Beth's grandmother owned. Appearance: When Logan first came into town he didn't really dress the best. When he lived in Hampton for a while he ended up dressing a lot better. According to Beth he was a very handsome man. Main Conflict: Kieth has a really big problem with Logan because Beth likes Logan and he's afraid that Logan will take Beth away from him even though they're divorced. Plot Line: 5 most important events: 1. Logan was in the Army for a couple years and he found a picture of a young woman. 2. Logan searches for the woman because he believes the picture of her saved his life. 3. Logan finds her and they eventually fall in love. Her ex husband that is the deputy in the town finds out and starts to get suspiciousand tries to get Beth to leave him. 4. Kieth and Beth get into an argument andwhile they're fightingtheir son Ben hearsand runs off to his unstable tree house into the really bad storm. 5. Kieth and Beth run offto find Ben. Logan and Zeus (Logan's Dog) go to find Ben too. While Kieth was trying to save Ben he ended up dying because the stormwas so bad. Zeus and Logan save Ben. Star Rating: I give this book 5 stars.I say this because I loveRomance books, alsobecause Nicholas Sparksis one of my favorite authors. AR Question: Why did Logan leave Colorado to find Beth? a. to marry her b. to travel c. Victor told him to d. He was bored andneeded something to do
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