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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 but... The The Louisiana Louisiana Purchase Purchase ? Vente de la Louisiana "The Sale of Louisiana" The Louisiana Purchase was the the proccess in which USA bought the Louisiana terrritory in 1803 double click to change this title text! Some key people in the Louisiana Purchase are James Monroe, Robert R. Livingston, and Thomas Jefferson.James Monroe and Robert R. Livingston had gone to Paris themselves to negotiate the purchase in 1802. On Aril 30, 1803, the Louisiana Purchase Treaty was signed. Thomas Jefferson, who was the president at the time, announced the claim of the territory to the public on July 4, 1803. The U.S. Senate ratified the treaty with a vote of 24-7, and the territory was finally claimed. The U.S. was now able to claim the territory. Some key people on the French Side of the purchase was Napolean Bonaparte, Barbe Marbois, and Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours.France was under the rule of Napolean Bonaparte when the French claimed the Louisiana territory back from Spain in 1800. Barbe Marboisalso had signed the Louisiana Purchase treaty along with James Monroe and Robert R. Livinston in Paris. And Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours had helped negotiate the treaty along with Monroe and Livingston. The Louisiana Territory consisted of more than just the state of Louisiana. Fact, it covered a very big amount of the USA today. These states include about half of Louisiana,the whole states of Arkansas, Missouri,Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota. The top part of Texas, half ofColorado, North Dakota, and Minnesota. The top right corner of New Mexico and the bottom left corner of Wyoming, and almost all of Montana. That is A LOT of states that were involved. What would USA look like today hadn't the Louisiana Purchase happened?? "We have lived long, but this is the noblest work of our whole lives...From this day the United States take their place among the powers of the first rank." -Robert R. Livingston
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