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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Not All Traditions Are Worth Keeping The author structures the plot to create an effect on the readers mood. First,the mood is very contradicting to what isactually happening. In the beginning shedescribes a happy, nice, sunny summerday, with a lot of flowers. This descriptionmakes the mood happy, although what thelottery is actually about is dark. But, as the story continues, we begin to feel a different mood of suspense and not really understanding what's going on. The authorlike to keep the reader in the dark. Which builds to our mood because we dont really understand what going on . Until the very end the author builds the mood with her tone, which is why we are so shocked when wefind out they stone a woman. Theme Characters Mood Tone Michelle Kyster The theme of The Lottery is that not all traditions are worth keeping. In this town they have thetradition of the lottery, where the winner gets stoned to death. This tradition is very uncivilizedand primitive, and it sounds like this tradition hasbeen going on for many many years. One explicitdetail we get of this is that Old Man Warner hasbeen in it for 77 years, and it seems to have startedlong before him. Although through the years theyhave lost a lot of the tradition, like the real box, thesinging and speeches, they keep the stoning part.The people are reluctant to lose the lottery because they are afraid of change. Over the course of the short story we see a few characters that really add to the the plot and the theme. First, we have Mr. Summers, a jovial man who is a very active member of the community. People like him but also feel bad for him, hes the one who runs the lottery. He tries to hurry up the lottery so they can all get back to work. This helps build to the theme because he obviously tries to get the tradition over with quickly to not prolong it. Next, we also have a character, Old Man Warner, who loves the tradition and thinks that people would go back to living in caves without it. He is very dedicated to the lottery and thinks other should be too. This character help to build the plot about why they are stoning people, and he shows how they are afraid of change. Then there is Tessie who comes late to the Lottery and almost forgets about it. Showing how the townspeople dont actually look forward to this tradition. Also, the town people show how they are scared of change because their nervous and dont really want to continue the lottery, and then they are all relieved and participate in The Lottery once they find out its not them. The tone of the story starts out slow andcalm when the townspeople are gathering. There are no alarming words or sentences. The author uses long breathless pauses to sound calm and neutral. Then we see a slow change in tone once they start pulling names. The tone shifts to something more suspenseful. Because she uses certain words and descriptions, like they held the paper nervously, to bring out the uneasiness in the crowd. The author uses the tone to intensify the story. She sounds so natural, by keeping a steady slow pace, as if nothing un ordinary is happening and then all of a sudden theyre stoning an innocent woman. With her word choice and language use she wrote it like it was folklore which created a smooth feeling.
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