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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Lottery = You Win!!! Lol JK you get killed Maybe some traditions/rituals should be given up... Stoning someone to death? Seems really archaic. "Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon." "Bobby Martin had already stuffed his pockets full of stones, and the other boys soon followed his example." Even children join the ritual. Mr. Summers is introduced as an important man and his name could represent the happiness of the community. Later he says "Let's just get this over with." Speaking of the lottery, implying that it's an unwanted tradition. During the event, there is a lot of forced laughter, and when Mrs. Hutchinson is introduced you can almost implicitly tell she is the one to be picked. "They grinned at one another humorlessly and nervously." This quote hints that there is tension in the air and the result is frightening. "Bad enough to see young Joe Summers up there joking with everybody." This quote from Old man Warner, who has been in the Lottery for 77 years, shows the seriousness of the Lottery and how deeply rooted it is in the community. "You didn't give him time enough to take any paper he wanted. I saw you. It wasn't fair!" This is the first time the reader explicitly reads that winning the lottery is a bad thing, and it is a very sudden tone mood change. "Although the villagers had forgotten the ritual and lost the original black box, they still remembered to use stones." Why do the villagers continue to do such a horrid tradition when most of it is gone? Mood in beginning is happy and calm but as it progresses it becomes more suspenseful and intense. It is viewed as a happy event but really represents darkness and death. Tone uses words like long breathless pauses and no one moved to keep it suspenseful. It shows the uneasiness the crowd is feeling with suspenseful words. The author likes that the reader is kept in the dark or lost. The tone stays serious and calm in the end but the mood drastically changes. The author didnt need to make it more suspenseful because the reader is lost in the beginning. The black box is an important part of the ritual-explicit. It symbolizes the tradition of the lottery: it is in bad shape, people have considered fixing or revising it, it's chipping-implicit. It is black because it represents the dullness and the death of the lottery-implicit. Lottery setting is unknown time period which creates a universal theme rather than a specific time and place. The setting is ambiguous.
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