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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Lost Hero Shopping... Father! Camp Halfblood??? Lorem What's better than a bronze dragon? I have to save my dad! We start with our main character, Jason. He finds himself on a bus holding hands with his girlfriend, Piper. Sadly, Jason doesn't remember this and apparently can't remember anything! Who isthis girl? Gets attacked by venti (storm spirits), and is helped by his friends, Piper and Leo.Not too soon, Jason flips out his gold coin and it transforms into a golden sword, aiding him in the fight and ultimately turning the monsters into dust After the battle, they meet a demigod (just like our main characters) named Annabeth, whom guidesthe trio to a place called "Camp Halfblood" Upon entering camp, Leo is immediately claimed by Hephaestus (god of fire and the forge). When all of the campers were settled around the campfire, Jason gives a speech and in the midst of the speech, strikes lightning upon himself, blasting a crater in the ground, leaving Jason unharmed. The campers are "shocked" and crowned him son of Zues (god of lightning and the ultimate king of gods) praising him with much honor. When Jason's prophecy is spoken, he is told to go on a quest to save Hera (queen of gods and wife to Zeus) and he must choose whom he must take along with him. Piper tries to convince him to take him with her, but then a pink symbol pops up on her head, symbolizing that she has been claimed by Aphrodite (goddess of love). She undergoes a beautiful transformation, thus compelling Jason to recruit her which he does. Piper gets bad dreams, where a giant has her father and threatens that if she doesn't betray her friends, he will kill him! Leo builds a bronze dragon (named Festus) and rides him to their first destination, Quebec Upon entering Quebec, they entered a luxury, yet icy mansion that was home to the North Wind, Boreas. After hearing Jason's story, Boreas turned him in the right direction to Aeolus (god of the weather and storm spirits such as venti) telling him where to find him and how to get to him The first thing they had to do was to get into Aeolus's fortress. To do this, they needed to capture some storm spirits in order to gain passage. The trio go to Chicago where they find a store with the letter "M" smack on the door. They're greeted by a beautiful woman whom calls herself "Princess of Colchis" whom tries to make the boys "shop to death" After Stopping the"Princess" by trickingher and stealing herstorm spirits, our heroestravel to Aeolus's fortresswhere they convinced himto aid them in their quest,but for some reasonchanges heart and ordersthem to die. They miraculously escape, jumping onto Festus andflying away. Whilst on Festus, they drift into a deep sleep, waking up intowhat seems to be a goldenmansion.The trio lazily pick themselvesup and are greetedby none other thanMidas. Midas turnsLeo and Piper into gold, forcing Percyto fight his son, Lityerses. After defeatingMidas's son, Midasdisappears and Jason's friends areno longer made of gold. They later takea cab to Mount Diablowhere they find Piper'sfather, but Piper doesn'twant to betray her friends,so they fight the giant, eventually receiving aidfrom Jason's father, killingthe giant. Once they've confirmedthe giant;s death anderased Piper's father'smemories (so he doesn'tgo crazy) our heroes rideon Festus, having being toldof Hera's location from thegiant during the fight. Finally!
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