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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Lost Hero,Rick RiordanMythological, Adventure Theme: The theme, or the moral, of the story is being able to rely on others. Jason, son of Zeus, wakes up one day,with no memory, randomly on a bus surrounded by strangers when weird stuff starts happening. He has really has no choice but to trust the people who's hands he has fallen into. Main Character: Plot-Line: Star Rating: AR Question: The main character's name is Jason Grace. He is atall, lean, blonde guy. He's noble, and loyal to his friends. He has no job. All he does is fight monsterssave the world. No big deal. I do that in my freetime as well. In this book, his main conflict wasperson vs fate because Jason's whole quest was based around hid prophecy. To start off this chain of events, I think the first important thing that happened was Jason and Piper's visions about Hera being trapped.That is what sort of started off the whole prophecy. Next, I feel that it is important to note when Jason, Leo, and Piper get claimed by theirGod parent. That helps fill in the prophecy. Then, When the groupmeets the wind God of the north. There, they run into a girl named Khionewho they run into later in the story. Later, they run into Encaladus,king of giants, and fight to free Piper's dad. Then finally, they reachthe Wolf house and have to free Hera in order to help Gaea, the Earth, fall back to sleep I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars due to its ability to keep me entertained, as well as the want to continue to read the novel. The only down fall to this book is that it is really long,the author, Rick Riordan, could have taken outa lot of the uneeded "fluff" and the book wouldhave been just as great! Who is the first girl that Leo get's a crush on? Piper Khione Annebeth Thalia ?
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