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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Meet Wozinak Had a kid. Maybe He had to have things donehow he wanted it done this was before we had texture files and they had to build shapes in code Made acomputerthat they called the cream soda computer Wozinak made a curcuit board that Jobs was able to reproduce A programmer made him a program so he could design the calculator He had togo past release date to design the apple II's case Named hiscompany apple Beleived that he did nothave to shower or bathe Made Apple IApple II Wozinak could make the orignial while Jobs was able to copy it and make 1000 built it just for fun He was a fruitarian lawsuit was around $3000 dollars and was due to his girlfriend having to claim wellfaremoney Steve Jobs the many The of Life Wozinak was the person who made the original while Jobs knew how to produce and sell them He denied that he was the father even after having a DNA test with 94% chance of him being the father Due to this The Beatles Apple Corp and Apple got in a lot of legal conversary He was very unpleasant to be around He went to court for this and was made to pay child care and was lawsuited. He wasfired from Apple He made NeXT NeXT was a computer company that was run bySteve Jobs to show that Apple was not a fluke and because making computers what he loved to do He soldNeXT toApple He became an employee at Appleagain He got 1.2 million apple stock in this sale He became iCEO Made a dealwith Bill Gates He Made IMac Brought Apple backin the green Steve Jobs the Man who thought Differentby Karen Blumenthal Steve Jobs the Man who thought Different by Kaaren Blumenthal tells about a man that was born into the technological surge and used that to his advantage. He became interested in technology, computers generally, and eventually made Apple. He died of cancer even after a surgery in 2011. The rest I will tell you. "The journey is the reward" I chosethis because this greatly representswhat Steve Job's view of life is. Had a DNA test
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