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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Life of Charles Babbage 2 : 1 2 females to eachmail will move tohollywood to pursuetheir dream Charles Babbage is an English mathematicianand a great inventor. He was a founder for manysociety's and associations. He deserves to be oneof many Tech Pioneers because of his inventions. His invention called the Difference Machine led himto become the Father of Computers. Why is this person a Tech Pioneer? This machine that Charles Babbage was called the Difference Machine or "counting machine". It would gather a large quantity of number and make an answer with it. What is their Invention/Innovation? How does it effect you? Throughout Charles Babbage lifetime he inventedtwo engines that revolutionized the world and which paved his name to be known to the world. These machine were called the Difference Machineand Analytical Machine. Difference Machine Analytic Machine These machines affect our lives today because it paved a path for the computers we have today.These machines were used for mathematical equations so they can be answered. What obstacles did Charles Babbage overcome? There were many things that distracted Charles from his work. However, he overcame many of them. For instance, he overcame the frustration by a public and an impatient government. He also overcame his ill temper and jealous nature. 1791- Born on December 26 in London1814- Married Georgina Whitmore1816- Elected a Fellow of the RoyalSociety and founded the AstronomicalSociety1821- Began working on the DifferenceMachine1827- Published a table of logarithmsfrom 1 to 1080001832-The government stopped his fundingfor the Difference Machine1833- Began working on the Analytic Machine1848- Charles stopped working on theAnalytic Machine1856- Design of the Analytic Machinefinished1871- Charles Babbage dies October 281985- Science Museum of London began to finish Babbage work Sources:
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