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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Life Of William Shakespeare:The Young Man To Adulthood William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. William Shakespeare was thethird of eight children. William Shakespeare attended Grammar School in Stratford, from the age of seven until the age of fifteen where he learned to read, speak, and write in Latin. William Shakespeares actuality retains numerous obscurities. Citizens deficitthe knowledge of William Shakespeares substantiate epoch confinement. Citizens deficit the knowledge of William Shakespeares countenance attributes. William Shakespeare was purportedlyborn on 23rd April 1564. William Shakespeare was marriedto Anne Hathaway in late 1582. William Shakespeare pro -created three children amidstAnne Hathaway. William Shakespeare went on to write aboutforty plays. William Shakespeare was also apeople and in 1609 published a book of one hundred fifty-four sonnets. The Life Of William Shakespeare: The Young Man To Adulthood Blue: 65% William Shakespeare'sActuality Thirty-Three YearsI. Espousal Expectancy II. Residing In London William Shakespeare died on 23rd April 1616. Sources: Red: 35% William Shakespeare's Actuality Eighteen YearsI. Confinement II. Attend Educational Institute William Shakespeare was apoet, a playwright, an actor, and a business man through - out his lifetime. An infant, William Shakespeare was fortunate to extant the BubonicPlague, in 1564. 1. Sam Wannamaker. Shakespeare's Globe. Webstars Ltd. 1970. Web. 22 December 2014. 2. The Folger. Folger Shakespeare Library. Amherst College Board Of Governers. 1932. Web. 22 December2014.
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