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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Characters: King, Criminal (Door Chooser) Tiger, LadyLocation: AmphitheaterWhats happening: The king has an amphitheater and chooses a subject to go in. The subject will chose between two doors; the two doors will consist of a flesh eating tiger or a beautiful woman to marry. 2010's 1950's 1980's 1990's 2000's 1940's Smells like teen spirit Michael Jackson Billie Jean California Gurls Katy Perry *resources TOP SONGS 1940's - 2010 The Lady or The Tiger By Frank Stockton Introduction Rising Action double click to change this title text! The king's daughter and the subject had used used to be together. Subjects see her and asks which door without actually asking her. She signals him by waving right hand. Subject then chooses which door the left or the right? We never knew what happened. Climax Falling Action Now the Lover of the subject will have to deal with either knowing her lover is dead or with another woman. Resolution The resolution is there is none because the story just ends but what I infer of the story is that if she couldn't love the subject no one could, and that's potentially why she told him to open the tiger door. Tone Mood Stockton's tone is ironic because it shows how bad the king really is,but in the story he is loved by the Community Stockton's mood towards the story keeps us guessing for whats gonna happen next because of all the suspense he builds up even though we never know what really happened
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