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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Key To Success(How To Be An Explorer) PerserverenceIntelegenceBorn Leader/ControlPrepared For Anything Curage/BraveryWillingnessDeterminedPure HeartJust a Little Bit Crazy JUST A LITTLE BIT CRAZY, is a way to explain any explorer and sled dog. You need it to take all of the risks involved with being an explorer. Henry Hudson and Christopher Columbus both were JUST A LITTLE BIT CRAZY, they sailed the ocean blue to find new things and that is JUST A LITTLE BIT CRAZY! Henery Hudson had PERSEVERANCE to be able to continue sailing even after he had failed three voyages and continued on a fourth anyway. For Brandon to figure out what the astronomy grid was, he had to hat INTELEGENCE to find out what it was for. Henry Hudson was a BORN LEADER, to be able to have a entire crew under control. Preparation is key to a good finding of land or other things that would be looked for when exploring. Without this many things could have gone terribly wrong for Christopher Columbus when promissing his crew that they could chop off his head. Courage/Bravery is what Christopher Columbus had when he traded "JUNK" to powerful and strong Native Americans. You have to be WILLING to leave home for long periods of time to be an explorer, some like Henry Hudsonleave for months at a time. You must also be WILLING to take risks, like Christopher Columbus was taking the risk of being near Native Americans. To be an explorer like Henry Hudson, you must be Determined. You must find your "super hero heart" and seek the answers you want and not accept deffeat. You must have a PURE HEART like Brandon to be able to discover things and be able to continue for the help of others and not just yourself like him. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE RIGHTS OF ALL PEOPLE TO SAIL AND KNOW WHAT THE WORLD IS TRULY. ANY PERSON HOPING TO DO THIS MUST FOLLOW A PERSON, EVEN HENRY HUDSON HAD AN IDOL TOO. ONE DAY YOU MAY BE ONE IF YOU FIND YOU TRUE HEART! Even dogs explore, they have the heart and perseverance to continue to do this. But, any dog and explorer (like Christopher Columbus) can be what they want. Just by having the right purpose.
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