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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Iroquois Tribe Food The Iroquois ate corn, beans, squash, salmon, trout, white fish and manymore types of food Jobs/Industry There were 4 different types of jobs in the iroquois tribe. There were 2 for the men and two for the women. The women had the jobs of farming and gathering items. The men had the jobs of hunting and fishing. Clothing The men in the iroquois tribe wore breech clothes with long leggings. They wore shoes called moccosans and a gustowah hat. The women wore wraparound skirts with shorter leggings, an overdress tunic and moccasans for shoes. Shelter Legend of the tribe The Tree of Peace The tribes of the Iroquois league of nations at one timewere fighting with one another. There were fierce battles,but the people grew tired of fighting so they agreedto bury their weapons under a giant white pine tree. They believed that the weapon would be carried away by theunder ground waters. So they sent the weapons off throughthe path of the roots. The weapons went all four directions.After that the tribes became the Iroquois League of nations. There are two different types of shelter in the Iroquois tribe oneis the wigwam and the other is theLong house. The long house is a large rectangular house made out of bark sewn together to cover a frame of young trees. The wigwam house is a small dome shaped house that is made out ofyoung trees that were bended with a layer of grass for the roof. In the middle of the grass on the topthey cut a hole for the smoke from the fire to get out Transportation There are three types of transportation the Iroquois tribe used. One of the waysThey traveled was by a canoe that was made out of elm bark.The second way they traveled was by sleds. The third way they traveled by was usingsnow shoes in the winter. The snow shoes were made out of bark wand string.
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