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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE COLD WAR IS A INFECTION, THAT FRIGHTENS THE WORLD. Major Themes Character Descriptions MARCH 12, 1947 One of the major themes in the book, "The Hunt of Red October" is the conflicts between Russia and the American. Throughout the novel Tom Clancy, portraays that there have been many conflicts with the Soviets and the Americans during the cold war. This plays a large part into the whole novel with Jack Ryan as a the CIA informant and Ramius as the Red October captain. During the cold war many conflicts happened between the American and the Soviets.One other major theme of the novel is betrayal. In the whole book, Ramius constantly questions his devotion on hating the Soviet culture and throne aspect of communism. This is prominent through almost every chapter in the book from the beginning of the novel. Ramius wanting to take down all Lithuanians and the thought of killing the major political leader Ivan Putin. THE U-2 INCIDENT HAS RELEVANCE WITH TODAY BECAUSE IT DIRECTLY LED TO THECOLLAPSE OF THE FOUR POWER PARIS SUMMIT. Favorite Quote Exposition: The Hunt for Red October happens in the era of the Cold War with the US and theSoviet Union are in bad terms with each other. The more paramount half of this book takes place in the Atlantic Ocean between and Europe and America in the late 1980's. Rising Action:Jack Ryan is one of the main characters that I enjoyed in this story. He is a persistent and is unwilling to give up without getting the Red October. He was first an analysis for the CIA and was brought to help with the conflicts between Soviets and America. In this time, he was a consult to help find the Red October vessel and spent much time on board the USS Houston.He then later is a spy for the US and takes surveillance photos of the iconic Red October and reports back to Washington that there is a new kind of submarine out there that can operate without a slight detection from sonar. This leads up to the to conflicts with Ramius. Then Ramius wife dies in in the hospitable because of state had inadequate doctor's with poor training. This is a large turning point in the novel because this right here makes Ramius knows that there is nothing left for him in the Soviet Union after his wife dies. This leads him even more to leave the Soviet Union and get revenge on the Soviets. So both Ramius and Ryan both go on a manhunt to take down both vessels under the Atlantic ocean. Climax: This leads to the death of the Soviet Dictator, Ivan Putin. Ramius then has a hand to hand combat with him and kills him with his bare hands in a bloody battle. Falling Action:After the death of Putin, Ramius is stilling coming to the US to escape the Soviets. In the Ramius executes a fake plan to pretend that Red October has been destroyed, when Ramius fakes a reactor meltdown. The red October gets hit be a missile by the Alfa vessel then sinking it. Ramius and his officers then help stay behind, and prevent it from Americans.Resolution: The Us then captures the Red October and takes it crew to the CIA headquarters in Virginia where all of Ramius crew gets checked out wether or not they area a threat. "Being a victim is more palatable than having to recognize the intrinsic contradictions of one's own governing philosophy" (45). This quote said by Jack was when in the beginning of the novel when the war between Russia and the US was a turning point in the novel because this in when we really get to know who the character Jack is really inside. This really explains what he thinks of the surrounding government of both the US and the Soviets. Plot Development The Hunt for Red October 1: Jack Ryan is one of the analyst for the CIA who lives in London. He is usually helps with the American and British governments in consulting jobs about military situations, like the Soviet Union. The way he got into the job with the CIA was first noted that he helped the British government with spy photos on the iconic Red October vessel. He is also a very interesting character because he is extremely levelheaded to find the Red October and is willing to take accion. 2: Marko Ramius: He is the commander of the Soviet Union vessel called the Red October. He is one of the more intimidating and ruthless character in the novel. He also works on manipulating others and betrayal is one of his strengths with is hatred for the communistic views and the Soviet ways. He also does many notable and beneficial things like the killing of Red October's political officer and has no effect on him mentally and physically.
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