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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Hound of Rowan Based on the book by Henry H. Neff Directed by Gavin Bosse Theme: Bravery Tom Holland as Max McDaniels,the main character in his first year at Rowan who haslots of Old Magic insideof him Samuel Joslin as David Menlo, the small but powerful kid who excels at magic andmystics Jason Bateman as Scott McDaniels, Max's dad whois unexpectedly pulled intothe world of magic and has to adapt "Something monstrous and wolf-shapedwas illuminated by the sudden burst of light. It took several hunched, uneven steps before dropping to all fours and racing across the lawn toward the forest." The world Max thought he knew is about to change forever... "Astaroth, you are recalled to lifeby your loyal servants," said theblacksmith, his voice filled withreverence. "Walk this earth again, my Lord, and bring order with your rule." Genre: Fantasy Max McDaniels never thought thata tapestry could change his life forever. He was at an art museum and hid from a man with the one white eye who had been following him. Then he saw it. The tapestry depicted a battle where a lone warriorstood at the top of a hill. Soon after leaving, someone comes to his house and asks about what he saw. Max doesn't tell, and she tries to kidnap him.Another person comes, and they take him to Rowan Academy, a school for special kids who are capable of doing magic. Max soon makes friends with David Menlo, who is extraordinarily powerful. Max soon learns that the person whotried to kidnap him works for the Enemy, peoplewho want to make the world evil. His dad, Scott McDaniels, is also taken to Rowan for his safety. The Enemy has beenstealing paintings because their leader,Astaroth the demon was captured inside of a painting when Elias Bram, the founder of the school, defeated him. But Bram died in the process. Now the Enemy can reviveAstaroth if they find a person filled with Old Magic, which turns out to be Max.Will they succeed? Will Max defeat the Enemy? Watch the movie to find out!
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