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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The History Of Twenty One Pilots This is Twenty One Pilots now. Josh Dun plays drums and Tyler Joseph sings. This band is quickly becoming more and more successful, but it hasn't always been this way... The Beginning Twenty One Pilots was formed by three friends in college from Columbus, Ohio. Tyler Joseph, Nich Thomas, and Chris Salih. The three toured and wrote together until 2011. 2009 Member Change After three years of touring and writing together, Nich Thomas and Chris Salih both decided to leave the band because of their busy schedules. Josh Dun joined the band soon after and the two created their first album together, Regional At Best. 2011 Rising Success Soon after the release of the band's third full length album, Vessel, their following began to grow outside of Columbus. After being signed to Fueled by Ramen, the band went on a short tour, gaining more popularity. 2013 Quiet is Violent Tour After Vessel hit #42 on the Billboard top 100, Twenty One Pilots' growing success was obvious. They took part on a new tour they called the "Quiet Is Violent Tour", naming it after a line from their fan favorite song, "Car Radio" During this time, many music videos were made, introducing many people to the band through the internet. BlurryFace Era 2014 After the success of Vessel, the band had a lot to live up to with their next album. The storyline behind their new album, "BlurryFace", caught a lot of fans by surprise. Black paint on Tyler and red eyeshadow on Josh confused a lot of people, but added a lot of extra attention to the band. Blurryface is their most recent and most successful album, reaching #2 on the Billboard. 2015-Now All information on this Infograph was found on Twenty One Pilots Wikipedia, and social media accounts.
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