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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] The Help vs To Kill A Mockingbird 3 2 1 90=- Hilly Holbrook Aunt Alexandra Racism As the story progresses in this book, we get closer and closer to the notorious Tom Robinson trial. Tom is a black man charged with the rape of a young white lady. We later find out that the charges are false, but the story ran into a lot of problems because of racism. The main character, Scout Finch, learned a lot about society and fairness through the novel, because her father was the white lawyer man assigned the Tom Robinson case. The whole family is judged for just helping a wrongfully accused blackman in a time of need. In the end, Tom is found guilty, even though all real evidence pointed to his innocence. People let their irrational hate guide their decisions.That is the general basis of racism 2 1 Alexandra is also very conscious of how she and her family look to people. She attends benefits, and even hosteda missionary tea at her home. She refuses to let Scout go to their black cook/maid, Calpurnia's house, for fear of what the towns people may think. Missionary Tea In The Help, there is a missionary tea hosted. At the party, very little "mission" work was completed.Mainly, the women gossiped, and poked fun at Celia Foote. The women were supposed to be helpingpeople, but instead the hurt the people in their home town. There was talk aboutblack people, and Skeeter stood up forthem where they could not stand up forthemselves. 3 Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird, Aunt Alexandra hosts a tea party for her mission circle. During that party, they spoke of the Murna tribe in Africathat they wished to help, but they also spoke about town issues. One of these issues beingthe Tom Robinson trial. They spent quite a bitof time bashing on black people in general, because apparently only foreign black peopleare worth saving. At some point in the discussionMiss Maudie Atkinson shares a comment that manages to silence the rude words and direct conversation elsewhere. Racism was the basis for the entire The Helpfilm. The story was about a compassionatewhite woman who aspired to write a novelabout working for white people and raisingwhite babies instead of their own from thepoint of view of the help. Skeeter, the authortook notice of how racist and unfair our society was, and took a stand against it.Throughout the film, there are derogatorycomments and attitudes directed at blackpeople. It demonstrates how segregatedand unfair things were. Hilly is very concerned with appearances. She organizes charity events and what not to mask her naturally dark personality. She refuses to let their black maid, Minnie Jackson use the bathroom inthe house. Hilly talks down to black peopleand adheres to every "rule" regarding them. Finally,the whole town either fears, respects, or loves her. Missionary Tea double click to changethis text! Drag a cor Kyla McKImMrs. LudwigTandem I16 January 2015 The Help TKM
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