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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Health Benefits of Volleyball About 45 minutes of volleyball burns up to 585 calories, resulting in significant weight loss over an extended period of time. This reduces the risks of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. Burning Calories Muscle Strengthening Karch Kirlay grew up in Santa Barbara and learned the sport of beach volleyball from his father, Dr. Laszlo Kiraly.But Kirch is a volleyball legend and the definition of a Pro Beach Volleyball player. Kirlay has the mostamount of wins in the history of this sport and has won over 3 million dollars playing it. At age 46, Kiraly isconsidered the "Michael Jordan" of pro beach volleyball as he is the oldest player to compete in a sport and still perform at the highest level. He is the only volleyball player in Olympic history to win three Gold medals, having been part of the United States' Gold Medal indoorteams in 1984, 1988 and also winning the gold medal in 1996 in beach volleyball. Other benefits of playing volleyball are its effects on the bodys metabolic rate.Volleyball enhances your energy level which improvesyour over all performance. Volleyball also improves hand-eye coordination and strengthens and develops fast reflexes. As with any type of physical activity, volleyball improves mental health and enhances the health of the bones and joints. Volleyball will boost your muscle toning and overall strength, particularly in your arms, legs and core. During a single play, you might use your legs to jump, your core strength to make quick turns andyour arms and shoulders to bump, set or spike the ball. Kirch Kirlay Marco StanleyPeriod 2A
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