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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Haitian Revolution 1791-1804St. Domingue (Haiti) Toussaint lOverture and the People of St. Domingue V.S. The French Saint Domingue was a large colony owned by the French and was known for it's significance in European Economics. It was responsible for 40% of Europe's sugar and 60% of their coffee. The island was also 90% comprised of African slaves. The island of St. Domingue consisted of the French plantation owners, the freed colored people, the petit blancs and finally the slaves. A legislation was passed in France thatdeclared rights for the plantation ownersbut failed to include the petit blancs andthe slaves. Both the slaves and the petitblancs were upset and soon began to revolt. Toussaint lOverture began to rally the slaves were violent against the French. In 1793, British troops were sent to St. Domingue to assist theFrench. Both were defeated and lOverture was able to eliminate slavery in the French colonyalong with its neighbor, Santo Domingo. After Toussaint lOverture declared himselfGeneral for life, he was captured by NapoleonBonaparte and his General and then killed. lOverture's general, Jean-Jacques Dessalines fought the French troops once again and in 1804 declared the land independent and renamed it "Haiti".
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