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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Grimm Legacy SettingNew York CityNew-York Circulating Material Repository PlotElizabeth gets a job at the New-York Circulating Material Repository. She makes new friends and starts to get the hang of it. The longer she works, the more suspicious she gets about collections you must have a special pass to go to. Dr. Rust, the boss, eventually asks her to take a test. She passes the test and gets a key to the special rooms. She learns that some of the items are magic and someone or something is taking objects and replacing them with fakes. Meanwhile, a large bird has been stalking some of the pages and is arousing suspicion. Later in the book Anjali goes missing . Later, Dr. Rust goes missing. Jaya, Elizabeth, Aaron, and Marc go looking for her. They go to Wallace Stone's house and he says he turned her into a puppet and sold her to Mrs. Badwin. They go to her house and get Anjali, but before they go she turns Marc into a figurine. They go back to Mr. Stone's house and find that Dr. Rust is trapped ina crystal ball. Elizabeth puts on one of the seven leauge boots and runs. Wallace Stone puts on the other one and followers her. They end up running to Nowhere. She takes off the boots and puts on her sneakers. She walks for what she says feels like forever and comes to a weird place with a fountain and Aaron and Jaya are there. They tell her it is the Garden of Seasons. They also said to get Dr. Rust out of the ball, they must find a magic flower. After some searching, the find the flower and release Dr. Rust from the ball. He says to turn Anjali and Marc back into a human, they must have a kiss of true love. Jaya puts Anjali and Marc together and.Marc and Anjali turn human again and everything goes back to normal. Objective Summary: Wallace Stone, the antagonist, wants to steal the magical objects from the repository. But all the pages and workers stand in his way. So, he controls a giant bird to scare them away and uses magic to cause mischief. His plans fail and the repository goes back to normal. Characters:The main protagonist is Elizabeth Rew. She gets a job at the repository and that is when things start to go haywire. Theme: True love can solve the hardest of problems. This was her key to the Grimm Collection.
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